Forthcoming Event: 10th March 2022 – 6 May 2022

CSR Course on Climate Change, Agriculture & Water Conservation
Date: 24 March 2022 – 6 May 2022 | TIME: 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM

The COVID Pandemic has brought to fore our concerns about climate change yet again. The erosion of the buffer between humans and the natural environment leading to the current pandemic highlights the existential nature of the crisis, and yet, the pace and expanse of the ecological footprint of humans fail to find the centre stage of policy debate. This short course will examine in depth, through constant review of contemporary climate change policies and their origins from an ecological perspective, of how our normative ideals and choices, while seemingly progressive and advanced, are politically charged and may be in the wrong direction.

Based on a combined methodology of critical scientific enquiry and the anthropology of public policy, this course will equip participants with analytical knowledge to critically reflect on ‘knowledge processes’ and ‘professional cultures’ that mediate policy directions in the times of climate change and skill them to articulate alternative policy directions. Some of the topics which will be covered are-

  • Climate Change contributors
    • Introduction to Sustainable agriculture.
    • Akkadi Saalu – Diversity based ecological farming.
    • Water commons and ecosystem-based water conservation.
    • Carbon trading – potentials and threats.

Besides helping to strengthen your career during this economic uncertainty, learning a new skill can give you a sense of control that will help cope with anxiety engendered by the pandemic. It is a great use of time productively to skill and reskills yourself better prepared to the future workplace and community development and engagement.

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